Niavac Chief Executive Offers To Help School Meal Programme


We are proud of our, CEO, James Conlon, as he pledged £10,000 to help Northern Ireland schools with their ‘Holiday Hunger’ school meals during holiday periods. James has urged other businesses and business leaders to get involved.

This follows the Department of Education’s announcement that it was stopping the payments for children entitled to free school meals. The school holiday food grant was to help low-income families with the cost of feeding children. Since July 2020, families of 96,000 children eligible for free school meals have received £27 per child each fortnight during school holidays. The department said that it was ending the scheme “with great reluctance” due to a lack of funding, this means that families will not receive the payments for the Easter school holidays, which are due to begin today in many schools.

Niavac hope that other business leaders follow James’ generosity.