Education Authority Awards Niavac Interactive Tender


We are delighted to announce the EANI has awarded Niavac the Tender for Supply and Delivery of Clevertouch Interactive Touch Panels and CleverLive Digital Signage

Ref: FAE-22-018 Lot 1 to run until 21st January 2028

Why choose Clevertouch from Niavac?

~ Fantastic After Sales Service
~ CleverLive Digital Signage for Panels and Reception Displays
~ Free Teacher Training
~ Clever Lynx Lesson Planning Whiteboard Software
~ Easy Casting of Surface Pro

For more than ten years, Clevertouch has been at the forefront of innovation, crafting multi-award-winning touchscreens tailored for simplicity, security, and versatility. Available in sizes spanning from 55″ to 86″ with striking 4K resolution, these interactive displays come with a comprehensive five-year on-site warranty, making them the perfect selection, whatever your budget.