Holy Evangelists’ Primary School and Nursery Unit Installation

At Niavac we take pride in partnerships with local community pillars, and we are especially proud when our team can contribute to children’s education. This area of work is particularly special to us because we can see how the results directly impact the lives of our family, friends, and neighbours. As such, we were thrilled to be commissioned for the supply and on-site installation of Digital Signage and Interactive AV equipment at the Holy Evangelists’ Primary School.

In April 2021, the Dunmurry-based school celebrated the completion of their newly built school campus and Niavac were delighted to provide state-of-the-art AV equipment to complement these new facilities, contributing to a world-class schooling experience at the Holy Evangelists’ Primary School.

As an integral part of our services, we offered an initial visit to the school site, which involved a thorough analysis of the possibilities of each classroom and common space. In doing this, we were able to effectively communicate with the team at Holy Evangelists’ and better cement a mutual vision of what we could provide for the school. The school’s team had a united vision for modern and accessible AV teaching equipment and signage, giving them the capacity to create more dynamic lessons for their students using the most up-to-date technology.

With all of this in mind, we installed a range of Clevertouch Impact Plus Interactive Displays across the school facilities. These screens offer unparalleled interactivity and flexibility during lessons, with teachers and children able to use the software with ease. Each Clevertouch screen uses high precision technology which guarantees the most fluid writing experience on a touchscreen and the ability to differentiate between palm-erase, finger touch, and stylus writing.

These interactive screens also boast an incredible 45W Max Power for room-filling sound, 4K resolutions and proximity sensors which will power the screen off when no one is detected in the room, in line with the school’s environmental ambitions.

The Niavac team installed 24 of these 75” screens in permanent fittings and a further two screens on an electric height adjustable trolley for flexible use around the school. A 55” display was also installed in the Principal’s office for meetings held both in-person and virtually.

We also wanted to provide powerful signage screens across the school to display updates, news and reminders for students and staff alike. We installed a 55” Clevertouch Live Digital Signage Screen in the reception and a 65” model in the canteen. These screens can be accessed by school personnel to showcase anything from important school news to canteen menus and even reveal winners of the week’s ‘Golden Ticket’, a Holy Evangelists’ speciality and much-coveted student award.

After the installation phase, we delivered a training session for the school staff on the operation, handling and maintenance of the new equipment which was well received by the team who are thrilled to explore the opportunity this new technology offers. As with all our installations, the school staff will benefit from continued follow-up care and all the equipment was installed with a 5-year on-site warranty for assurance of quality.

This project was completed on 9th April 2021 and with the recent lockdown measures being relaxed, we are happy to say the Holy Evangelists’ students are back in the classroom and are now able to enjoy the new facilities and all the opportunities they will bring for an enhanced learning experience.

A few words from Holy Evangelists’ ICT Leader Sheena McCormick:

“We cannot recommend Niavac and their team enough, right from the beginning they have been friendly, helpful, and forever at the end of my constant queries. We look forward to future training and empowering our pupils with cutting-edge technology. When visitors enter our school the first thing they see is the digital signage which displays images of our school and children. A happy, warm   and informative welcome to our state-of-the-art school.”