Strangford College Clevertouch Installation

As part of our status as the Clevertouch distribution partner in Northern Ireland, our team was thrilled to win a contract with Strangford College. We always jump at the opportunity to work closely with the education sector and improve the standard of education in Northern Ireland. We are pleased to say by the end of the contract we delivered the whole nine years of our installation service.

Strangford College is an integrated co-educational secondary school based in Newtownards. At Niavac, we are well-versed in the installation process of schools and educational facilities, as they are by far the most frequent users of Clevertouch touchscreen technology. Our Project Sales Manager, Terry McParland, managed the pre-sales stage of this project. With an initial visit to the college site, he was able to scope out the school’s requirements and understand the needs and concerns of the faculty.

After this inspection, we moved to the installation phase. In total, we installed an impressive x38 70” Clevertouch screens across every classroom in the school. These touchscreens offer seamless interactivity during lessons with high precision technology, guaranteeing the most fluid writing experience. The screens can also differentiate between palm-erase, finger touch, and stylus writing, and they all come with a 5-year warranty. This installation was carried out in a neat and tidy manner by our expertly trained, courteous engineers – what gents they are!

In the post-sales phase, we pride ourselves on delivering thorough training to the staff. It’s important that our technology doesn’t just look pretty, but that we know the end users are making the most of it.

As the return to school is well underway, we are excited to see what the staff and students make of their shiny new Clevertouch Technology!

Good job to everyone involved!

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