2021 New York-New Belfast Summit

The 2021 New York-New Belfast summit took place in early October, and Niavac was once again on hand to provide fantastic hybrid event capabilities for speakers unable to travel across the pond.

New York-New Belfast celebrates the ties between both cities and the rich history they share. The last in-person conference was in 2019, but due to travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, the Ireland-based speakers had to take part remotely. To make this as seamless as possible, Niavac teamed up with conference business partner KPMG to provide a platform for remote speakers. Keynote speakers were streamed lived from the KMPG office in Belfast using Niavac Virtual Studio technology, which offered the most smooth and clear streaming for the conference delegates in New York to view.

At Niavac we understand that hybrid events will never replace the magic of in-person meetings, but we are proud to be able to provide top-class solutions during this time.