NIPSA Event in our Virtual Studio

The Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance (NIPSA) represents over 43,000 members from across the civil and public services and the voluntary sector. This year their annual delegate conference was held remotely in our Virtual Studio from Wednesday 2nd to Friday 4th June 2021. The conference normally takes place over three days in person in a hotel but with the current climate, NIPSA needed an alternative to hosting in-person events and we were happy to support them. Using our state of the art virtual event facilities, we established a webinar on zoom for over 400 delegates to attend with strict security to ensure only NIPSA branch members could gain access. This three day event had many technical elements to consider and our team worked tirelessly to ensure it was smooth and seamless for all delegates.

Due to the nature of the event, it was jam-packed with important discussions, debates and voting, a technically challenging event to manage. On our side, we needed to coordinate zoom speakers for their time to speak without interference with other incoming lines. During the event, branches put motions to a vote, with attendees raising their digital hands to speak on each motion which involved a lot of jumping back and forth between speakers – a task which required rigorous concentration and undivided attention from our technicians. Delegates were also brought on camera as they were called on by the President and then returned to attendee status to continue watching the event. Speakers were limited to a 4 minute timer displayed on the screen and by using our multi-channel technology, we were able to support these requirements and move between speakers with ease.

Another interesting element to consider for this event was the voting process, which needed to be super friendly and accurate. Using our technology, we displayed each vote with real time calculations so the delegates could see how everyone had voted live. After the event, comprehensive voting data was provided showing how each branch leader voted for every motion. In total, we provided 72 weighted ballots over the three day event. This virtual solution to a real-world problem meant that NIPSA was able to conduct their event instead of delaying it for another year or asking delegates to mail in their votes. The Virtual Studio event platform also enabled NIPSA to run their event more efficiently and cost-effectively than the traditional hotel style conference event.

Well done to the team for managing such a complex event!